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Re-registration of domain

For re-registration of the domain is necessary:

Completed application domain by checking the box: Domain Registration. The application should be duly filled by reliable data and signed by an authorized representative of the legal entity or the person registrant if it comes to individuals.

When the application domain is submitted electronically, it is signed with a digital signature in accordance with the regulations on electronic signatures that are valid in the Republic of Macedonia. In that case it is necessary to submit only a copy of the payment. Signed application along with receipt of payment send the following e-mail address: registracija@domains.mk.

When the legal entity don't have authorized digital certificate, then the original application and the evidence of your bank payment, should be send by post or to be delivered to Unet's office.

For private entities, all application should be provided personally in Unet's offices. Together with the application you should provide on evidence your personal ID, and a evidence of your bank payment. When a private entity submit an application online, she/he only need to sign the application with the digital certificate issued by authorized authority, and a evidence of the bank payment. The documents should be send to: registracija@domains.mk.


The applicant should inform the registrar for any changes which will be made, no later than 8 days, by email from the same email address which was used for the domain registration.

The registrant is responsible for all possible violation concerning the right of intellectual property or all other subject that are matter of concern in that field.

The registrant is responsible for the correctness of all the information indicated in the application form.

Re-register domain