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Erasing domains

The registration of a domain can be erased, and the domain can be deactivated and deleted from the registrar in the following cases:

  • ● If the Registrant act opposite from the established rules for domain registration and the Codex manual issued by MARnet.    (MARNet Rules)
  • ● If the registrant in a written statement send a request the following domain to be erased.
  • ● If the registrant didn't pays all invoices for domain registration.
  • ● If the registrant does not fill full all necessary technical requirements for functionality of the following domain.
  • ● If the registrant provide fake or incorrect information while the registration is ongoing.
  • ● The registrant does not submit updated version of all required documents, for domain registration.
  • ● If the registrant does not respect the policy, stated in "Codex Manuel" for domain registration issued by MARnet.
  • ● If the registrant does not cooperate with the authorized persons for technical support, or in other cases when it's necessary some legal action to be taken.
  • ● If the registrant make some action of abuse of the domain or other type of illegal actions or operations with the domain.
  • ● In other cases established by law.

If the domain is not renewal to the latest date for registration, the Registrar have the right to ban and protect the certain domain for the period of 120 days. In this period all information and date cannot be changed.

If there is no request for the renewal of the domain in the first 60 days of the period, the domain will be erased from the .mk zone, but can't be registered by other Registrar.

After the expiration of the second 60 days from the protected per (or totally 120) the domain will be erased and cannot be registry again by another registrant.