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Rules for domains registration

The national Internet domain of the Republic Macedonia is the top Macedonian domain .mk and Cyrillic domain .мкд.

Under the top .mk domain, primary, secondary sub-domains are organized as well. Under the secondary domains of the .mk domain tercial sub domains are redistricted as well.

In the top .mk domain are organized:

  • ● Primary domain .mk
  • ● Secondary domains
    • ► gov.mk
    • ► edu.mk
    • ► org.mk
    • ► com.mk
    • ► net.mk
    • ► inf.mk

Unet as a official registrar, is authorized for registration the top .mk and .мкд domains, and the following secondary domains: edu.mk, org.mk, com.mk, net.mk, inf.mk.
MARnet is still responsible for the registration the gov.mk domain.

Rights for domain registration of secondary domain under the top .mk domain hold all individulas and legal entities.

The right of registration of the third domain under secondary domain edu.mk have the following: educational and research institution, and international educational institutions and organization with the license, issued by the Macedonian authorities.

The right of registration of the third domain, under the secondary domain org.mk have the following: non-governmental organization, political parties, trade unions, state health institutions, embassies, international organizations and foreign non-for-profit institutions.

The right of registration of the third domain under the secondary domain com.mk, net.mk and inf.mk have the following: companies, authorized person with public functions, financial organization and other business entities.

Rights for domain registration under the top Cyrillic .мкд domain hold all individulas and legal entities.

The registrar have NO LIMIT about the number of registration.

All domains are registered for the period between one and ten years with an unlimited renewing possibilities.

The registrant is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of all data entered as well as for the correctness of the data attached to your Request for registration. If we find that the attached data is incorrect or your request for registration is not valid or true, we hold the right to erase your domain, without prior notification.