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UNET is the First Macedonian Internet Service Provider

UNET is the first Macedonian Internet Provider established in 1995, on April 20th, the date that officially is counted as the start date of the Internet communication in the Republic of Macedonia.

As the first company in the Internet business in Macedonia UNET performed huge contribution in promotion of the Internet access into the Macedonian market through organizing seminars, presentations and publishing and distributing a free newspaper. The role of UNET in expansion in using the Internet access at the national level is also very high and important providing an approach in several cities in Macedonia during the working period.

As the first and the unique provider in the country in the period of establishing, UNET evaluated and increased in one of the bigger Internet companies in Macedonia. With rapid and continuing changes in the technology and in the organization of own working as well as the appearing of the market competition of these type of services UNET established the quality standards of the Internet services in the Republic of Macedonia.

UNET permanently develops, increases and improves following and implementing the new trends, techniques and technologies in the particular parts of the IT sphere from its establishing up today. Focused primarily to the business user group seeking permanent increasing of the quality of own services, UNET increases in well known company which works on developing and implementing of the new services in the Internet business and the former users of the Internet access remind UNET as consciousness, dedicated, serviceable, professional company with the main target to offer the users optimal solutions of own service packages and to provide high quality and technical support that mean fast resolving of the problems.

Although UNET today is primarily focused on other Internet services, UNET offers Internet access at the local level at the territory of the Capital Skopje based on broadband technology. The customized Internet solutions for the business user group are in case and through own point to point links UNET provides fast and quality approach with guaranteed speed.

UNET Web Development Team is very known in the web design, it has long term experience in the field of design and developing of the web pages and web based applications. Using the most modern Internet technologies as: FRONTPAGE EXT, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Jsp, Servlet, Java Script, XML, Flash, CGI, Perl etc, we have potential for performing modern design and programmed web pages, based on web solutions using different type of data: (Access, Informix, Oracle, SQL, My SQL )

More then 2500 (com.mk) domains are registered in representation of UNET, more then 500 web pages are created by UNET. We are the creators of the first Macedonian web page: http://www.mkd.com.mk

UNET in 2012 following the newest trends at the world market additionally builds own Data Center with the most modern techniques and technology in dimensions and possibilities to serve as the cloud computing center for the purpose to loan own IT resources to the interested users, to offer dedicated hosting solutions, virtual private servers, shared hosting services, backup of their data, database hosting solutions, registrations of the domains, services in representation in the domain registration, e-mail services etc.

In 2014 UNET becomes official registrar within the national domain .mk. Authorization for acquisition of right of registrar is given by MARNet (Macedonian Academic and Research Network).


  • The first Internet connection in Macedonia
  • The first registered Macedonian domain (.mk)
  • The first Macedonian Internet directory
  • The first Macedonian web page
  • The first solution in the distance education in Macedonia
  • The first е-banking solution
  • The first е-commerce web portal
  • The first Macedonian ISP with the certificate for managing with the quality system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • The first Cloud Computing provider in Macedonia